OCB Amateur Schedule

Conditional Pro Qualifiers are notated with an asterisk (Pro Qualifier*). See the OCB General Guidelines for details.
Date Location Event Name

2018 Events

06/23/2018 Albany, NY OCB Big East Natural (Super Pro Qualifier)
06/23/2018 Shenandoah Junction, WV OCB Mountain State Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
06/23/2018 Tempe, AZ OCB Arizona Scorcher Pro/Am (Pro Qualifier)
06/30/2018 Jacksonville, FL OCB Dynamic Fitness Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
06/30/2018 Williamsburg, VA OCB Colonial Open (Pro Qualifier)
07/07/2018 Ormond Beach, FL OCB Southern Cross Natural (Pro Qualifier*)
07/14/2018 Albuquerque, NM OCB Natural New Mexico (Pro Qualifier)
07/28/2018 Springfield, MA OCB Hall of Fame Fitness Pro/Am Championships (Pro Qualifier*)
07/28/2018 Harrisburg, PA OCB Natural PA Classic Pro/Am (Pro Qualifier*)
08/04/2018 New York, NY OCB Big Apple Pro/Am (Pro Qualifier*)
08/11/2018 Columbus, OH OCB Natural Buckeye State (Pro Qualifier*)
08/11/2018 Greenville, NC OCB Carolina Fitness Festival (Pro Qualifier*)
08/18/2018 Villa Park, IL OCB Sky View Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
08/18/2018 Washington, DC OCB Presidential Cup Pro/Am (Pro Qualifier*)
08/19/2018 Phoenix, AZ OCB Slayer Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
08/25/2018 Burlington, NJ OCB Mid-Atlantic Battle for the Belt Pro/Am (Pro Qualifier)
09/08/2018 Virginia Beach, VA OCB Battle for Tidewater (Pro Qualifier*)
09/08/2018 Lexington, MA OCB Boston Battle of the Naturals (Pro Qualifier*)
09/08/2018 Virginia Beach, VA OCB Military Championships
09/08/2018 Buffalo, NY OCB Buffalo Natural Fall Fest (Pro Qualifier*)
09/15/2018 Lexington, SC OCB Carolina Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
09/15/2018 Vernon, CT OCB Eastern America (Pro Qualifier*)
09/15/2018 Franklin, TN OCB Nashville Natural Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
09/22/2018 New Orleans, LA OCB Cajun Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
09/22/2018 Biddeford, ME OCB Maine Event (Pro Qualifier)
09/29/2018 Fort Washington, PA OCB Franco Classic (Pro Qualifier)
10/06/2018 W. Barnstable, MA OCB Cape Cod Natural Pro/Am (Pro Qualifier)
10/13/2018 Baltimore, MD OCB Chesapeake Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
10/20/2018 Gulf Shores, AL OCB Battle on the Beach (OCB Pro Qualifier*)
10/20/2018 Roanoke, VA OCB Roanoke Star (Pro Qualifier)
10/27/2018 Washington, DC OCB National Open Championships (Super Pro Qualifier)
11/03/2018 Belleville, IL OCB Heartland Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
11/03/2018 Pittsburgh, PA OCB Natural Steel City (Pro Qualifier)
11/03/2018 Tampa, FL OCB Florida West Coast Classic (Pro Qualifier)
11/10/2018 Syracuse, NY OCB New York State Natural (Pro Qualifier)
11/17/2018 DeKalb, IL OCB Midwest States (Pro Qualifier)
11/17/2018 Providence, RI OCB Battle of the Godz & OCB Masters Nationals (Pro Qualifier)
11/17/2018 Tucson, AZ OCB Desert Valley Natural (Pro Qualifier)
11/17/2018 Fayetteville, NC OCB Battle of the Unrivaled (Pro Qualifier*)
12/01/2018 Tallahassee, FL OCB Natural Tallahassee Winter Classic (Pro Qualifier*)
12/01/2018 Richmond, VA OCB Richmond Pro/Am (Pro Qualifier)
12/08/2018 Charlotte, NC OCB Queen City Showdown (Pro Qualifier)
12/08/2018 Hollywood, CA OCB Hollywood Natural (Pro Qualifier)

2019 Events

02/09/2019 Williamsburg, VA OCB Body Sculpting Open (Pro Qualifier)
03/16/2019 Durham, NH OCB Shamrock Cup Classic
03/16/2019 Albuquerque, NM OCB Albuquerque Natural (Pro Qualifier)
04/06/2019 Buffalo, NY OCB Mr./Ms. Natural Buffalo (Pro Qualifier*)
04/06/2019 Oklahoma City, OK OCB Thunder City Showdown (Pro Qualifier*)
04/06/2019 Las Vegas, NV OCB Vegas Victory Classic
04/20/2019 Mashpee, MA OCB Spirit of America (Super Pro Qualifier)
04/27/2019 Tucson, AZ OCB Natural Southwest Showdown (Pro Qualifier*)
05/0TBA/2019 Windham, NH OCB Battle of New Hampshire (Pro Qualifier)
05/04/2019 Richmond, VA OCB Atlantic Super Show Pro/Am (Pro Qualifier)
05/18/2019 Burlington, NJ OCB Jersey Natural Open (Pro Qualifier*)
05/18/2019 Greensboro, NC OCB No Gear Pro/Am Classic (Pro Qualifier)
08/24/2019 Burlington, NJ OCB Mid-Atlantic Battle for the Belt (Pro Qualifier*)
Conditional Pro Qualifiers are notated with an asterisk (Pro Qualifier*). See the OCB General Guidelines for details.