Women's Physique consists of two parts: Group Comparisons and Individual Presentations. Two-piece suits are worn for both parts. Suits can be of any color and may be decorated with crystals. Thong and T-back style suits are not permitted. Jewelry is permissible. Shoes are not worn. Competitors must be age 16 or over. Competitors under 18 must have parental consent. Competitors cannot participate in any other categories at the same show. Athletes posing in an overtly sexual manner, doing anything on stage considered inappropriate for younger audiences or being disruptive to the show may be disqualified.

Judging Criteria

Scoring is based on good leanness and conditioning with full, healthy and shapely muscularity, good balance, proportion, and symmetry of both muscularity and conditioning, and presentation. Extreme muscularity and leanness should be avoided.

Group Comparisons

During group comparisons competitors will be directed through a series of poses that can consist of any of the following in two rounds – Symmetry and Muscularity.

Symmetry Round:

Quarter turns: Front, Side, Back

Muscularity Round:

Front or Rear Double Biceps with Open Hands
Left or Right Side Chest with Front Leg and Arms Extended
Left or Right Side Triceps with Front Leg Extended
Hands over Head Abdominals

See images above for examples of proper form for poses. Not performing poses in the manner specified may result in lower scoring from judges.

Watch a class being judged.

Individual Routine

Competitors individually perform a posing routine to music. The individual routine is not factored into placement scoring but does count toward consideration for Best Poser awards when offered.

Watch a routine.

View a tutorial.