Workshop Schedule

Date Location Workshop Type

2019 Events

11/17/2019 Williamsburg, VA Posing Clinic - Men & Women All Divisions led by 3 OCB Pro Athletes/Judges
11/17/2019 Fredericksburg, VA Posing Class
12/06/2019 Los Angeles, CA Judging Workshop, Prep Seminar, and Posing Class (3 separate events on same day)
12/10/2019 Washington, DC Posing Class
12/12/2019 Fredericksburg, VA Posing Class

2020 Events

01/12/2020 Washington, DC Posing Class and Contest Prep Seminar (2 separate events on the same day)
01/19/2020 Fredericksburg, VA Posing Class
01/19/2020 Greensburg, PA Pose Like a Pro
01/19/2020 Virginia Beach, VA Posing Clinic - Hosted by Natural Bodyz Fitness OCB Pros
02/15/2020 New York City Prep Seminar and Judging Workshop (2 separate events held same day)
03/14/2020 Fredericksburg, VA Prep Seminar
03/27/2020 Loveland, CO Posing Class, Prep Seminar and Judging Workshop (3 separate events held on the same day)
04/26/2020 Fredericksburg, VA Posing Class
04/27/2020 Washington, DC Posing Class
05/03/2020 Fredericksburg, VA Posing Class
05/07/2020 Washington, DC Posing Class
05/10/2020 Washington, DC Prep Seminar