OCB Lowcountry Cadence Natural (Conditional Pro Qualifier)

OCB Spirit of America (Unconditional Pro Qualifier)

OCB Women's Pro All-Star Extravaganza

OCB Jack King's Classic (Conditional Pro Qualifier)

OCB Colonial Open (Pro Qualifier)

OCB Commit to Fit Body Transformation Challenge

OCB Magnum Muscle (Conditional Pro Qualifier)

OCB Mid-American Bash (Pro Qualifier*)

OCB Garden State Classic & Women's Extravaganza

OCB Legends of the Alamo (Conditional Pro Qualifier)

OCB Cape Cod Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

OCB Natural Excalibur (Conditional Pro Qualifier*)

OCB Texas League of Legends (Conditional Pro Qualifier*)

OCB Battle of the Godz (Pro Qualifier)

OCB Champions Untamed (Conditional Pro Qualifier)

OCB Men's Pro All-Star Extravaganza

OCB Richmond Amateur Championships

OCB Fire and Ice Classic (Pro Qualifier*)

OCB Men's & Women's Pro Ultimate Showdown

OCB Divine Muscle (Pro Qualifier)

OCB Battle of the Great Lakes Naturals

OCB Eastern America Championships (Conditional Pro Qualifier)

OCB Mid-Atlantic Battle for the Belt

OCB Men's Pro Battle of the Masters

OCB Women's Pro Battle of the Masters

OCB Music City Natural (Conditional Pro Qualifier)

OCB APEX Virginia Natural (Conditional Pro Qualifier)