OCB Checkered Flag (Yorton Cup Qualifier, OCB Pro Qualifier)


OCB CHECKERED FLAG (Yorton Cup Qualifier, OCB Pro Qualifier)

The OCB Checkered Flag is a conditional pro qualifier.
Minimum turnouts for divisions must be met for overall winners in Open and Age 35+/40+ divisions to become a pro, see requirements below.


Saturday, May6th, 2023


DSC’ News Journal Center, 221 N Beach St, Daytona Beach, FL 32114


Pre-Judging: 10:30AM, event will run straight through with intermission before finals.
Finals: approximately 1-2PM subject to change depending on the amount of competitors.


Full Show $50 online, Teens(13-16) $20, Trainer Pass $60 (Includes general admission and backstage access 1 per competitor), Children ages 12 & under FREE. Tickets are non-refundable.


Registration $99, Crossovers: $49. Final deadline to enter is 04/25/2023. Late fee charge of $50 will be added after 4/17/2023. Registrations are non-refundable.


Categories being offered are Bikini, Wellness, Figure, Women's Physique, Men's Physique, Classic Physique and Bodybuilding.
Competitors may not participate in more than one category at a show.


Bikini: Debut, Novice, Age 35+ (PQ), Open(PQ), Age 45+, Age 55+
Wellness: Debut, Novice, Age 35+ (PQ), Age 45+, Age 55+, Open (PQ)
Figure: Debut, Novice, Age 35+(PQ), Age 45+, Age 55+, Open(PQ)
Men's Physique: Debut, Novice, Age 40+(PQ), Open(PQ), Age 50+, Age 60+
Men's Classic Physique: Debut, Novice, Age 40+(PQ), Open(PQ), Age 50+, Age 60+
Men's Bodybuilding: Debut, Novice, Age 40+(PQ), Open(PQ), 50+, 60+
Women's Physique: Novice, Age 35+(PQ), Open(PQ)
DEBUT ELIGIBILITY: First competition ever. Competitors cannot have ever competed in any category with any organization.
NOVICE ELIGIBILITY: Cannot have placed first in any class (besides Teen or Debut), within any division, within any category, with any organization (with the exception of cases where first place was won in a class that only had one competitor in it).


When more than one class in a division, classes are formed by dividing competitors evenly by height.


A crossover entry is entering more than one division within a category. For example, someone may enter the Novice division, if eligible, and also crossover into the Open division and compete in it as well. Competitors are encouraged to make the most of their stage and enter as many divisions as they are eligible, ask the promoter if you’re not sure about eligibility.
Competitors may not participate in more than one category (Bikini, Wellness, Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, Classic Physique) at any given show but can compete in as many divisions as they like.


Trophies will be awarded to the top five placements in each class. There will also be a best poser award and a best presentation/T-walk award. As well as a Team Trophy if applicable. The eligible classes for best poser will be Men's Bodybuilding, Men's Classic Physique and Women's Physique only. The eligible classes for best presentation will be Men's Physique, Bikini, Wellness & Figure.


All competitors are required to be current members of OCB to participate in this event. If needing to obtain the annual membership, please register by a week before the event. Memberships can be purchased on OCBonline.com.
This is a natural (drug-free) competition. All competitors must meet eligibility criteria listed in the OCB drug testing guidelines in order to participate. Prior to registering, competitors should review the procedures and list of banned substances posted on OCBonline.com


All competitors are required to be polygraph tested prior to competing. In addition, all pro qualifying placement winners are required to provide a urine specimen immediately after the conclusion of the event for urinalysis.


Check Ins, Tanning, and Drug Testing will take place at the host hotel on Friday, May 5th 2023.
All competitors will need to check-in even if the drug test has been waived due to prior testing (polygraph tested within past 3 weeks with approved polygraph examiner). Please contact us beforehand if you think your suit might be borderline inappropriate. Review suit guidelines at OCBonline.com. All competitors will receive contest shirts and “goodie” bags at check-in.
The polygraph fee is $60 and is payable in cash only at the time of testing to the polygrapher. Exact change would be appreciated. Please schedule your polygraph appointment so it's before your spray tanning appointment if possible .To book your polygraph - Click HERE!


Men's Bodybuilders, Men's Classic Physique and Women's Physique competitors and anyone else wanting their own music played for their walk will also need to provide their music (see "Routines" below for details). No music will be accepted on the day of the show.


Hampton Inn Daytona Speedway -Airport 1715 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Click here to book!


One assistant max per competitor is allowed backstage. The assistant must purchase a trainer/assistant ticket, which is good for general admission and back stage access. COACH PASS MUST BE PURCHASED BEFORE THE SHOW. They will NOT be sold at the door on the day of the show.


Light weights, bands and mirrors will be backstage for use in preparing to go on stage. Competitors are welcome to bring their own equipment and mirrors as well.


Our official photographer & videographer is Greg Diesel


For Spray Tans by Maggie information contact Maggie: e-mail - maggie@spraytansbymaggie.com, phone - 678 6429972, website - www.spraytansbymaggie.com
To purchase protective attire that will prevent staining, visit Wear & Away


Makeup and hair will be done by Amy Gaskins, you can book her by email, on her website amygaskinsfitness@gmail.com or (904) 465-6333.


For any companies and individuals interested in sponsorship and/or vendor booths please contact the promoter at checkeredflag@glacierbodies.com


Jenny (904) 600-4080 IG @ocbCheckeredFlag FB OCB Checkered Flag


There will be an athlete meeting with all competitors on the stage on Saturday May 13th at 10am to discuss the “T” walk and answer any other stage presentation questions. Please schedule tanning appointments around this especially if you will be using our tanning professional, Spray Tans by Maggie backstage that morning.


All competitors will do their T-walk or Routines at the beginning of the finals portion and will need to be no longer than 60 seconds in duration. Men's Bodybuilding, Classic Physique and Women's Physique competitors will need to designate to the DJ whether they will be walking on or will already be on stage when their music starts. All music needs to be sent via email in mp3 format. No music will be taken on the day of the contest. If it does not play you will have to pose to our music. Music can not contain any profanity. Costumes/props will be permitted but only if competitors can carry it on stage and it is in good taste. If a competitor chooses not to do a t-walk then he/she will just walk on stage after bio is read, do 1 pose and wave and walk off.


When competitors enter the stage individually at the finals portion of the program a “bio” will be read for each individual by the MC. This should include your name, and then something like your motivation, how long you have been competing and then something interesting about yourself and/or thanks to those who helped you along the way. An email with a bio form will be sent a couple of weeks prior to show day.


The OCB Checkered Flag is a conditional pro qualifier.
Conditional Pro Qualifier: Minimum turnouts for divisions must be met for overall winners in Open and Age 35+/40+ divisions to become eligible for OCB pro contests in their respective divisions. The minimums required are: Open divisions: 5 for all categories except Bodybuilding and Women's Physique, which is 3. Age 35+ and 40+ divisions: 3.