OCB Jack King's Classic


OCB Jack King's Classic

OCB Pro Cards will be awarded in Open and Masters classes when minimum entries are met.


Saturday, July 22, 2023


Winston-Salem State University - Dillon Auditorium rn601 S Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Time and Format

Show Start time: 10:00 AM
This show will be a live judged event.


Adult All-Day General Admission: $35
Child (12 or under) Admission: $10
Coach/Backstage Pass (also valid for all-day general admission): $50 *1 per competitor strictly enforced. Tickets are non-refundable. Tickets will be available for sale online through February 26. After this date, tickets will only be available for purchase at the door the day of the contest.

Entry Fee & Deadlines

Early bird entry fees on or before June 24, 2023 (11:59 p.m.): Entry $65. Entry fee for each additional class $50. Starting June 25, 2023: Entry fees change to $105 and each additional class/crossover $70. Saturday July 15, 2023 is the last day entries will be accepted. Entry fees are non-refundable.


Categories being offered are Bikini, Figure, Wellness, Women's Physique, Bodybuilding, Men's Physique, and Men's Classic Physique. Competitors may not participate in more than one category at a show

Divisions Offerings

Bikini: Debut, Novice, Age 35+ (PQ), 50+, Open (PQ),
Wellness: Debut, Novice, Age 50+, Age 35+ (PQ), Open (PQ)
Figure: Debut, Novice, Age 50+, Age 35+ (PQ), Open (PQ)
Men's Physique: Novice, Age 40+(PQ), 50+, Open(PQ)
Men's Classic Physique: Debut, Novice, Age 40+ (PQ), 50+, Open(PQ)
Men's Bodybuilding: Debut, Novice, Age 60+, Age 50+, Age 40+ (PQ), Open(PQ)
Women's Physique: Debut, Novice, Open (PQ), Age 35+(PQ), 45+

NOVICE ELIGIBILITY: Cannot have placed first in any class (besides Teen), within any division, within any category, with any organization (with the exception of cases where first place was won in a class that only had one competitor in it).


When more than one class in a division, classes are formed by dividing competitors evenly by height.


A crossover entry is entering more than one division within a category. For example, someone may enter the Novice division, if eligible, and also crossover into the Open division and compete in it as well. Competitors may not participate in more than one category (Bikini, Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, Classic Physique) at any given show.


Awards will be presented to the top 5 placement winners in each class.


All competitors are required to be current members of OCB to participate in this event. If needing to obtain the annual membership, please register by a week before the event. Memberships can be purchased at ocbonline.com. This is a natural (drug-free) competition. All competitors must meet eligibility criteria listed in the OCB drug testing guidelines in order to participate. Prior to registering competitors should review the procedures and list of banned substances posted at ocbonline.com

Banned Substances & Screening Methods

All competitors are required to be polygraph tested prior to competing. In addition, all pro qualifying placement winners are required to provide a urine specimen immediately after the conclusion of the event for urinalysis.

Check-Ins and Polygraphs

By appointment Click HERE to schedule an appointment!. To schedule an appointment, visit TBD The polygraph fee is $60 and is payable in cash only at the time of testing. Exact change would be appreciated. Please schedule your polygraph appointment so it's before your spray tanning appointment if doing both the same day. Polygraph test results are valid for other amateur OCB shows that are held within 3 weeks. View the upcoming schedule of events.


Bikini, Figure and Men's Physique divisions will be provided house music. Bodybuilding, Men's Classic Physique and Women's Physique competitors may provide their own music for posing routines. Please provide music as an mp3 or m4a file as an email attachment to JackKingsClassic@gmail.com. Music must is not to contain any profanity. If music is not received for any competitors by midnight on March 5, 2022, house music will be used for you the day of the event. If needed, mp3 files of songs can be purchased from Amazon.com, downloaded, and then emailed as a file attachment. All music must be sent as a digital file. Competitors can send complete songs if they wish, the music would just be faded out after the stage walk is finished. When sending music, please state whether the music should start after you get set on stage or before you come out.

Host Hotel

The Historic Brookstown Inn
200 Brookstown Ave, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Reservations: 336-701-3904
Group Rate under Jack King's Classic
Book a room Here!

Backstage Policy

One assistant max per competitor is allowed backstage. The assistant must purchase a trainer/assistant ticket, which is good for general admission and back stage access. No one will be admitted backstage without a pass.

Competitor Prep Area

Light weights, bands and mirrors will be backstage for use in preparing to go on stage. Competitors are welcome to bring their own equipment and mirrors as well.

Photo Coverage & Video Policy

Stage photo coverage services will be available. Order forms with details about coverage will be available at show check-ins. Competitors and friends/family are welcome to bring recording devices for personal use only. Please do not impede the event promoter photographer on site.

Spray Tanning, Hair, and Makeup


*NOTE* Tanning products have a tendency to stain and damage clothing, sheets, and other surfaces. To purchase protective attire that will prevent staining, visit Wear & Away


Any questions about the event can be directed to the show promoter at JackKingsClassic@gmail.com.