OCB Natural Steel City Championships (Unconditional Pro Qualifier)


OCB Best of the 'Burgh (Unconditional Pro Qualifier)

Print a OCB Steel City Natural and hang at the gym and/or nutrition shop you frequent.

Print a Body Transformation contest flyer and hang at the gym and/or nutrition shop you frequent.


St. Anne's School
4040 Willow Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Showtime & Order of Events

Athletes: Please arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled vent and check in with our show staff.
Doors open at 8:20 AM
Men's Show Start Time: 10:00 am
Body Transformers Start Time: 1:00 pm
Women's Show Start Time: 2:00 PM
We are taking every precaution to keep everyone's safety a priority due to the pandemic. Therefore, we will be following up to date Allegheny County and PA mandated regulations on show date. In addition, we are staggering all categories to keep venue occupancy controlled. The schedule of events will take place over 5 segments to help ease flow of foot traffic over the course of the day, and to help with spectators planning to attend the event. Approximated times for each segment are listed below. *Should posted show-times for various segments not run as long as anticipated, subsequent segments will not be started prior to the final advertised starting time for purposes of attendee planning. Should posted show-times run longer than anticipated, subsequent segments may not begin until a little later than the final advertised times.

*TENTATIVE* ORDER OF EVENTS *Times subject to change depending on number of registrants.
Athletes: Please arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled event & check in with our show staff.


Segment 1: Men's Bodybuilding & Classic Physique 10:00 AM
Men's Bodybuilding & Classic Physique Group Comparisons
Men's Bodybuilding & Classic Physique Individual Routines
Men's Bodybuilding & Classic Physique Awards & Overall Competitions

Segment 2: Men's Physique 11:30 AM
Men's Physique Group Comparisons
Men's Physique Individual Presentations
Men's Physique Awards & Overall Competitions

Segment 3: Body Transformers
1:00 PM Body Transformers will compete first & read their essays
Body Transformer Awards

Segment 4: Women's Physique & Figure 2:00 PM
Women's Physique & Figure Group Comparisons
Women's Physique & Figure Individual Routines
Women's Physique & Figure Awards & Overall Competitions

Segment 5: Bikini 3:30 PM
Bikini Group Comparisons
Bikini Individual Routines
Bikini Awards & Overall Competitions

Division Offerings

Men's Bodybuilding: Debut, Teen (ages 13 to 19), Novice (Under 5' 9" and 5' 9" and over), Age 40+, Age 50+, Age 60+, Open (Bantam: 156 Lbs. and under, Lightweight: Over 156 - 169 Lbs., Middleweight: Over 169 - 190 Lbs., Heavyweight: Over 190 Lbs.), Physically Challenged: Open

Men's Physique: Debut, Teen, Novice, Age 40+, Age 50+, Age 60+, Open

Men's Classic Physique: Debut, Teen, Novice, Age 40+, Age 50+, Age 60+, Open

Women's Physique: Debut, Teen, Novice, Age 40+, Age 50+, Age 60+, Open

Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding: Open

Figure: Debut, Teen, Novice (Under 5' 4" and 5' 4" and over), Age 40+, Age 50+, Age 60+,Open (Under 5' 4" and 5' 4" and over)

Bikini: Debut, Teen, Novice, Age 60+, Age 50+, Age 40+, Open

Body Transformation Challenge: Men's & Women's

*Physically Challenged: Open, Available in every category.

*Promoter reserves the right to add or drop classes based on the number of competitors entered. PLEASE send your entry form in by Early Entry Deadline of 9/1/21

Division Details

Debut Division: Never competed. This is your first competition ever. Teen Division: Open only to those who are ages 13 to 19. Novice Division: Open only to those who have not placed first in any class besides Teen within any division in the same category (Ex. Figure) with any organization (unless only competitor in the class). Eligibility will be verified during polygraph testing. Masters Age Divisions: Open only to those falling into the stipulated age range (ex. 40+ is age forty and over). Open Division: Open to anyone regardless of age and level of experience. Armed Forces & First Responders Division: Open to anyone who has served in the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard and/or Police, Fire, EMT etc.

Crossover Entries

A "crossover" is entering more than one division. For example, someone may enter the Novice division, if eligible, and also elect to crossover into the Open division and or the Masters division and compete in them as well (as long as they qualify for all three). Competitors may compete in three events maximum. Crossovers are permitted in "like" categories only. In other words a Men's Physique competitor cannot cross over into Men's Bodybuilding, a Bikini competitor cannot crossover into Figure etc.

Competitor Meeting

There will not be a contestant briefing on show day. Please refer to ocbonline.com for complete details of category guidelines. All additional contest information needed will be provided in an email to when you register for the show. You will receive additional emails during the week before the show.

Music / Individual Routines & Stage Walks

Competitors are to supply their own music for finals performance by emailing an Mp3 format copy of music to DJ Tim Harris by Sunday; 9/26/21 at webookedtj@gmail.com You can also email Tim with any questions. NO PROFANITY. Props allowed. Routine length must not exceed 60 seconds. Please include your full name, cell phone number and what category you are competing in when emailing DJ Tim Harris your music. NOTE: Tim will not send you a confirmation email unless he has a question. All competitors please use discretion and show respect to the audience and judges with your performance.

Contest Day Check-In

Saturday, October 2nd. It is MANDITORY that you arrive to venue at least 1 Hour before you are scheduled to compete and check in with show staff. NOTE: We cannot delay the competition if you are late arriving.


Entry Fee: $75 If entry is received by Wednesday, September 1, 2021. Entry fee for each additional class (Crossover fee): $50. After September 1st, an additional late entry fee of $50 applies to everyone. Wednesday,September 15th is the last day entries will be accepted.

*Please note that all entry fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

OCB Membership Fee: $75.50 must be obtained prior to the contest at ocbonline.com. Competitors must show proof of current OCB Membership at contest Pre-Registration on Friday, 10/1/21. *Please note that it is the responsibility of each athlete to obtain an OCB Membership prior to 10/1/21.Polygraph Testing Fee: $50 cash only please payable directly to the examiner at the time of testing on Friday, 10/1/21 at Registration at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Pittsburgh South.


Trophy Awards for top 5 placements in each amateur class. OCB Medals awarded to any competitor not placing in the top 5

OCB Medals will be awarded to the overall division winners in Men's Bodybuilding Open, Men's Physique Open, Classic Physique Open, Women's Physique Open, Figure & Bikini Open

OCB Pro Card status will be awarded to overall division winners of Men's Bodybuilding Open, Men's Physique Open, Classic Physique Open, Women's Physique Open, Figure & Bikini Open. OCB MASTERS PRO Card status will be presented to 1st Place winners of: Men's 40+ Bodybuilding, Men's Physique & Classic Physique 40+, Women's Physique 40+, Figure 40+ and Bikini 40+.

Best Poser Award for best Male and Female presentation in each segment of the competition.

Team Trophy Award: Presented to the Team/Trainer or Coach/Gym/Fitness Center who has the most competitors in the competition. *Proof required, please be specific and list your Gym, Trainer/Coach or Team name on the entry form where specified.

Check-Ins and Polygraphs

Check-In and Polygraphs will be held at the contest hotel, the Crowne Plaza Hotel Pittsburgh South on Friday, October 1, 2021 from noon to 8:00 pm where polygraph testing will also take place.

Heights will be checked and Men's Open Bodybuilders will weigh in. *Teen and Masters Contestants must present Driver's License or valid ID as proof of age. Contestant numbers, goody bags and t-shirts will be given out at this time.

Polygraph testing is required for all competitors. Please see the OCB Banned Substances Link: ocbonline.com Polygraph testing will take place on Friday 10/1/21 at the contest host hotel, Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South from Noon to 8:00 pm. Please make your polygraph appointment as soon as possible at this scheduling link:

Polygraph fee is $50 payable in cash or money order to the polygraph examiner at the time of testing. Photo identification is required. It is the competitor's responsibility to ensure they are polygraph tested for the event. If any competitors are not polygraph tested for this event they are ineligible for competition. Polygraph test results are valid for other amateur OCB shows that are held within 6 weeks. View the upcoming OCB schedule of shows.

Results from recent polygraph exams performed by other OCB affiliate natural organizations will accepted within a strict six-week period. *HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE that you must present proof of your previously passed polygraph (if you competed in another show) to the promoter via email by 9/27/21 at ocbpittsburgh@hotmail.com. It is the competitor's responsibility to show proof of a previously passed polygraph test by Monday, 9/27/21.CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE POLYGRAPH

Backstage Policy

ONE (1) assistant/trainer per competitor allowed- NO EXCEPTIONS! Every assistant/trainer MUST buy a Trainers Ticket which is good for General Admission and back stage access. *Please Note: Trainers tickets are nontransferable and nonrefundable - NO EXCEPTIONS!


Tickets will be sold at the door for general seating and are nontransferable & nonrefundable. Cash is encouraged to keep the line moving, no checks will be accepted.

Adult General Admission: $40.00
(under age 12) $10.00
Trainers Ticket: $60.00 (includes back stage access entrance and audience admission). *Online advance ticket sales will close on Wednesday 9/29/21

Contest Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites Pittsburgh South
164 Fort Couch Road
Pittsburgh, PA

Reservations can be made by calling 1-866-807-2819 or 412-833-5300 and ask for the "OCB BODYBUILDING GROUP RATE" of $114.00 per night. This Group Rate will be available until 9/15/21. All rooms are equipped with refrigerators. Onsite hotel restaurant "Gather" serves breakfast, lunch & dinner. *Please note: Requests and name changes received after the cut-off date of 4/1/21 will be accepted on a rate and space-available basis at the group rate or best rate available.

Professional Contest Photography

Professional competition photography will be provided by Joseph Hadinata
Please contact Joseph for his competition package rates and register for his professional photography services prior to the competition at joseph.hadinata@gmail.com

rnIndividual photo shoots are also available Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

NO personal photography permitted in the first 5 rows of the auditorium. NO other professional photography permitted at the competition.

Professional Contest Tanning

Contest preferred Professional competition tanning is strongly suggested and will be provided by our Preferred Competition Tanning Expert, Sarah Rubino of BRONZE BEAUTY TANNING. Sarah and her team will be at the contest hotel on Friday, October 1st providing the spray tan services and will be at the venue on Saturday providing touch-ups throughout the entire show. To contact for appointment times, pricing & details email Sarah at tan@bronzebeautyst.com

*NOTE* Tanning products have a tendency to stain and damage clothing, sheets, and other surfaces. To purchase protective attire that will prevent staining, visit Wear & Away

Rosters & Classes

A roster with assigned competitor numbers and class breakdowns will be available to competitors on Friday, October 1st at the contestant check-in at the host hotel. Please check your email during peak week for any contest updates.

Professional Hair & Make-up Artist

Contest Preferred Professional Hair & Makeup is strongly suggested and will be provided by our Preferred Competition Hair & Makeup Expert Jenn Vu of JVU's Hair Studio. Please call Jenn Vu at 412-572-3006 to schedule an appointment and discuss pricing and details. Jenn and her team will be available to you all day Saturday at the venue. *Please Note that if you bring your own Stylist and/or Makeup Artist, they will be charged an Adult General Admission Ticket and they will not be able to go back stage with you due to covid restrictions.

Additional Drug Testing

Urine (sample collection) testing is required for All OCB Pro Card recipients immediately following their perspective award ceremony. Please have your current driver's license with you for testing ID. Pro Card recipients that do not produce a urine sample with our medical staff before leaving the contest venue will forfeit their OCB Pro Card and contest placement. No Exceptions! (Urine testing is the promoter's expense.) All competitors are subject to additional forms of testing, if requested, at the discretion and expense of the promoter. Please see the OCB Banned Substances Link: ocbonline.com

Event Sponsorship Opportunities (for businesses interested in sponsoring the event)

CLICK HERE for Sponsor Information.

If you need assistance with coaching for your contest preparations please contact:

Please Contact Stasi Longo - 35+ years experience
Owner - Sonshine Fitness LLC
Certified Professional Trainer & Physique Coach
Competition Promoter & Head Judge

Please Note

None of these competition services can deter you from the mandatory Saturday contest check in, the mandatory contestant meeting before prejudging OR prejudging competition! Please plan accordingly.

Body Transformation Division

To review the details for entering the Body Transformation Contest: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

Contact the Promoter

Contact: Stasi Longo @ 412-551-6836 or ocbpittsburgh@hotmail.com