Become A Judge


Rotation of judges at events is generally considred beneficial for competitors. Body competition is subjective, and judges can vary in their interpretations of various elements of scoring, such as leanness, muscularity, and muscle size. What one particular judge feels may be too muscular for a particular category, another judge may feel it's not beyond what's described in the judging criteria for a certain category. This is part of the reson multiple judges are used at competitions - opinions about ideals can vary some. An odd number of judges are used at all events, so that should a judging panel be split on placement decisions between two particular competitors, a majority would have to have chosen one or the other for the higher placement (examples: 3 of 5 judges or 4 of 7 judges).

 Since OCB strives for rotation of judges at events, in attempts of having contests be as fair as possible from year to year, that means additional and new judges are always being sought out. at annual events is desirable  you’re interested in getting involved in judging, read over our OCB Judging Packet, download and complete the OCB Judging Exercise, and then email it to We'll let you know what the next step is after reviewing your completed exercise.