OCB Pride of the Atlantic

May 15, 2010 - Richmond, VA

Male Fitness Model Open
1st Stephen, Antonio
2nd Hale, Anthony
3rd Scales, Shawn
4th Reid, Robert
Men's Bodybuilding Age 40+
1st Davis, Dave
2nd Jones, Charles
3rd Salinas, Juan
4th Peoples, Hercules
5th Davis, Matt
6th DeHaven, Donnie
7th Brooks, Langston
8th Rice, Steven
9th Thompkins, Vernon
Men's Bodybuilding Age 50+
1st Allen, Alonzo
2nd Parrot, Kevin
3rd Peoples, Hercules
4th Davis, Matt
5th Brooks, Langston
6th Ware, Melvin
7th Musgrave, Joe
8th Ainsley, Davis
Men's Bodybuilding Novice
1st Lyttle, Matthew
2nd James, Jonathan
3rd Hale, Anthony
4th DeHaven, Donnie
5th Huckins, Jesse
6th Siegel, Adam
7th Sabbs, Brandon
8th Cockburn, Bobby
9th Studd, Mike
Men's Bodybuilding Open Middle
1st Edwards, William
2nd Lyttle, Matthew
3rd Campanale, Anthony
4th Freeman, Joseph
5th James, Jonathan
6th Siegel, Adam
7th Goll, Michael
8th Autrey, James
Men's Bodybuilding Open Short
1st Brumfield, Ken
2nd Allen, Alonzo
3rd Suvanich, Adam
4th Davis, Matt
5th Peoples, Hercules
6th Groll, Ryan
7th Rice, Steven
8th Sabbs, Brandon
9th Musgrave, Joe
10th Ainsley, Davis
Men's Bodybuilding Open Tall
1st Davis, Dave *Overall winner
2nd Evans, Justin
3rd Jones, Charles
4th Haynes, Stephen
5th Salinas, Juan
6th Criswell, Larry
7th Parrott, Kevin
8th Beach, Clinton
9th Savolskis, Nathan
Ms. Fitness Open
1st Briscoe, Shelly
Female Fitness Model Open
1st Bimba, Alison
2nd Pickett, Sansarae
3rd Mylius, Ashley
4th Friedberg, Abbie
Figure Age 35+ Short
1st Traves, Heather *Overall winner
2nd Buchert, Linda
3rd Beach, Lori
4th Willis, Pamela
5th Lear, Shelley
6th Dolch, Jackie
7th Owens, Dee
8th Stanton, Elaina
Figure Age 35+ Tall
1st Napier, Betty
2nd McFadden, Wilma
3rd Courtney, Tammy
4th Brown-Sells, Angela
5th Walker, Japonica
Figure Age 45+
1st Wight, Kristin
2nd McFadden, Wilma
3rd Dreith, Laura
4th Monroe, Frances
5th Owens, Dee
6th Garrett, Inola
7th Walker, Japonica
Figure Novice Middle
1st Lear, Shelley
2nd Lewis, Regina
3rd Conejo, Margie
4th Stanton, Elaina
5th Dolch, Jackie
Figure Novice Short
1st Reyes, Alina *Overall winner
2nd Wight, Kristin
3rd Anctil, Monica
4th Morales, Marylynn
5th Russell, Brandie
Figure Novice Tall
1st Becker, Johanna
2nd Mylius, Ashley
3rd Pickett, Sansarae
4th Brown-Sells, Angela
Figure Open Middle
1st Lewis, Regina
2nd Beach, Lori
3rd McFadden, Wilma
4th Friedberg, Abbie
5th Dolch, Jackie
6th Edmond, Donneshia
7th Monroe, Frances
8th Courtney, Tammy
9th Owens, Dee
10th Stanton, Elaina
Figure Open Short
1st Traves, Heather *Overall winner
2nd Buchert, Linda
3rd Willis, Pamela
4th Reyes, Alina
5th Lear, Shelley
6th Anctil, Monica
7th Conejo, Margie
8th Morales, Marylynn
9th Russell, Brandie
10th Wright, Tracy
Figure Open Tall
1st Kuhlow, Lani
2nd Napier, Betty
3rd Wells, Alicia
4th Mylius, Ashley
5th Becker, Johanna
6th LeBlanc, Regina
7th Pickett, Sansarae
8th Brown-Sells, Angela
9th Walker, Japonica
Women's Bodybuilding Age 35+
1st Wellington, Sheila
2nd Muth, Dawn
3rd Hines, Blanche
Women's Bodybuilding Age 45+
1st Muth, Dawn
2nd Leonard, Patricia
3rd Combs, Lynn
4th Thumel, Kim
Women's Bodybuilding Novice
1st Ntam, Adeline
2nd Palm, Amy
3rd Thumel, Kim
Women's Bodybuilding Open
1st Wellington, Sheila
2nd Muth, Dawn
3rd Ntam, Adeline
4th Palm, Amy
5th Leonard, Patricia
6th Hines, Blanche
7th Thumel, Kim
8th Combs, Lynn
9th Franklin, Ingani