OCB Best of the 'Burgh

April 28, 2018 - Pittsburgh, PA

Men's Physique Novice
1st Strnisa, Evan
2nd Cheeks, Moses
3rd Stacklin, Chris
4th Morris, Jacen
5th Laschinsky, Jordan
Men's Physique Open A
1st McCune, Trey *Overall winner
2nd Moise, Anderson
3rd Stacklin, Chris
4th Decker, Ryan (Disqualified & Banned)
Men's Physique Open B
1st Ingram, David
2nd Strnisa, Evan
3rd Bunting, David Ryan
4th Cheeks, Moses
5th Huemrich, Matthew
Men's Physique Over Age 40
1st Binion, Willie
2nd Kuhn, Mark
Men's Physique Over Age 50
1st Binion, Willie
2nd Kuhn, Mark
Men's Physique Pro Masters Over Age 40
1st Loliyong, Kica
2nd Hall, Lenwood
3rd Custer, Mark
4th Green, Curtis
Men's Classic Physique Novice
1st Kimbrough, Ajalon
2nd Kolmaister, Ian
3rd Heeman, Ryan
4th Jackson, Brenan
Men's Classic Physique Open
1st Masino, Sam
2nd Kimbrough, Ajalon
3rd Kolmaister, Ian
Men's Bodybuilding Novice
1st Bateman, Brandon
2nd Martin, Adam
Men's Bodybuilding Open
1st Bateman, Brandon
2nd Alexander, Kyle
3rd Martin, Adam
4th Schwandt, Larry
5th Knupp, Clyde
Men's Bodybuilding Over Age 40
1st Schwandt, Larry
Men's Bodybuilding Over Age 60
1st Knupp, Clyde
2nd Hull, Mike
3rd Flinchum, Harvey
Women's Physique Open
1st Smith , Kyle
Figure Novice
1st Henderson, Kimberly
2nd Smith , Jamie
3rd Drane, Sarah
Figure Open A
1st Fleshel, Olga *Overall winner
2nd Smith , Jamie
3rd Davis, Cindy
Figure Open B
1st Green, Lauren
2nd Peters, Danielle
3rd Dudek, Carolyn
4th Drane, Sarah
Figure Over Age 40
1st Peters, Danielle
2nd Henderson, Kimberly
3rd Dudek, Carolyn
Bikini Novice A
1st Catalone, Ranee
2nd Wallace, Sandra
3rd Yoder, Christine
4th Murray, Chrissy
Bikini Novice B
1st Dapra, Brea
2nd Rosen, Janice
Bikini Open
1st Catalone, Ranee
2nd Wallace, Sandra
3rd Yoder, Chrstine
Bikini Over Age 40
1st Yoder, Christine
2nd Rosen, Janice
3rd Murray, Chrissy
Bikini Over Age 50
1st Rosen, Janice
2nd Murray, Chrissy
Body Transformation
1st Dapra, Brea
2nd , Candice Hill-Anderson
3rd Humbert, Dana
4th Stanko, Gregory