OCB Battle of the Godz

November 23, 2019 - Providence, RI

Men's Physique Debut
1st Tran, Son
2nd Leary, Cam
3rd Carmone, Andrew
4th Poston, Bob
Men's Physique Novice A
1st Johnson, Isaac
2nd Brownhill, Ian
3rd Sowah, Joel
4th Rabin, Tyler
5th Carmone, Andrew
6th Dockum, Cassius
7th Hobson, Luke
Men's Physique Novice B
1st Carothers, J Chris *Overall winner
2nd Carry, Meleik
3rd McKenna, Terence
4th Leary, Cam
5th Hannigan, Matthew
6th Poston, Bob
Men's Physique Open A
1st Johnson, Isaac
2nd Sowah, Joel
3rd Rabin, Tayler
4th Dockum, Cassius
5th Puglisi, Samuel
6th Hobson, Luke
Men's Physique Open B
1st Carothers, J Chris (Pro Qualified) *Overall winner
2nd Carry, Meleik
3rd Roy, Kyle
4th Brownhill, Ian
5th McKenna, Terence
6th Hannigan, Matthew
Men's Physique Over Age 40
1st Dockum, Cassius (Pro Qualified)
2nd Poston, Bob
Men's Classic Physique Novice
1st Purro, Mario
2nd Williams, Matthew
3rd Schiloski, Paul
4th Munroe, Andrew
Men's Classic Physique Open
1st Williams, Matthew (Pro Qualified)
2nd Purro, Mario
3rd Riddick, Jay
4th Schiloski, Paul
5th Munroe, Andrew
Men's Classic Physique Over Age 40
1st Purro, Mario (Pro Qualified)
2nd Schiloski, Paul
Men's Bodybuilding Novice
1st Winterle, Eric
2nd Long, Nathan
3rd Reedy, Ken
Men's Bodybuilding Open
1st Winterle, Eric (Pro Qualified)
2nd Nathanson, Michael
3rd long, Nathan
4th Smith, Bradford
5th Carbonello, Joseph
Men's Bodybuilding Over Age 40
1st Baton, Michael (Pro Qualified)
2nd Nathanson, Michael
3rd Cabonello, Joseph
4th Smith, Bradford
5th Reedy, Ken
Men's Bodybuilding Over Age 50
1st Baton, Michael
2nd Nathanson, Michael
3rd Smith, Bradford
4th Carbonello, Joseph
Men's Bodybuilding Pro
1st Havunen, Chad ($1,000 )
2nd Halsey, Mike ($600 )
3rd Sims, Steven ($400 )
4th Viemeister, Matt
5th Prefontaine, Thomas
6th Brooks, Langston
7th Nickley, Richard
8th Williams, Richard Derrick
Women's Physique Novice
1st Brennan, Paula
Women's Physique Open
1st Williams, Autumn (Pro Qualified)
2nd Deangelis, Teresa
3rd Brennan, Paula
Women's Physique Over Age 40
1st Williams, Autumn (Pro Qualified)
2nd Deangelis, Teresa
3rd Brennan, Paula
Figure Debut
1st Martinelli, Kristin
2nd Mejia, Jennifer
3rd Morhy, Dawn
4th Hernandez, Alyssa
5th McKinnon, Jill
6th Duca, Bethany
7th Sevastis, Rhonda
8th Giannini, Joanne
Figure Novice
1st Martinelli, Kristin
2nd Oquendo, Jessica
3rd Mejia, Jennifer
4th Hernandez, Alyssa
5th Allevo, Azaria
6th Morny, Dawn
7th Hayes, Regina
8th Mercier, France
9th Duca, Bethany
10th McKinnon, Jill
11th Rubeira, Jessica
12th Parker, Kimberly
Figure Open A
1st Oquendo, Jessica (Pro Qualified) *Overall winner
2nd Dias, Paula
3rd Mejjia, Jennifer
4th Morhy, Dawn
5th Rubeira, Jessica
6th Mercier, France
7th Duca, Bethany
8th McKinnon, Jill
9th Woodward, Karissa
Figure Open B
1st Howland, Lisa
2nd Beauchemin, Jean-Marie
3rd Martinelli, Kristin
4th Smith, Donette
5th Hernandez, Alyssa
6th Allevo, Azaria
7th Andrus, Robin
8th Sevastis, Rhonda
9th Parker, Kimberly
Figure Over Age 40
1st Smith, Donette (Pro Qualified)
2nd Andrus, Robin
3rd Morhy, Dawn
4th Cattaneo, Carolyn
5th Rubeira, Jessica
6th Hayes, Regina
7th McKinnon, jill
8th Parker, Kimberly
Figure Over Age 50
1st Andrus, Robin
2nd Morhy, Dawn
3rd Cattaneo, Carolyn
4th Mercier, France
5th Giannini, Joanne
Bikini Debut
1st Chapman, Hollie
2nd Dombrowski, Michelle
3rd Catalan, Gretchen
4th Zell, Casey
5th Weelter, Nina
6th Andert, Olivia
7th Passanisi, Rosanna
8th Dufault, Christina
9th Brissette, Rebecca
Bikini Novice A
1st Jenkins, Jessica
2nd Zell, Casey
3rd Dombrowski, Michelle
4th Carroll, Lisa
5th Parisi, Jessica
6th Pedro, Ashley
Bikini Novice B
1st Chapman, Hollie *Overall winner
2nd Pereira, Priscila
3rd Doane, Sarah
4th Weelter, Nina
5th Andert, Olivia
6th Linck, Daniela
7th Brissette, Rebecca
Bikini Open A
1st Zell, Casey
2nd Jenkins, Jessica
3rd Catalan, Gretchen
4th Vaillancourt, Laurie
5th Passanisi, Rosanna
6th Parisi, Jessica
Bikini Open B
1st Rossignol, Kelly (Pro Qualified) *Overall winner
2nd Diver, Amanda
3rd Golec, Katie
4th Tombros, Shawna
5th Dombrowski, Michelle
6th Doane, Sarah
7th Pedro, Ashley
8th Dufault, Christina
Bikini Open C
1st Chapman, Hollie
2nd Carleo, Jennifer
3rd Romano, Kathryn
4th Brown, Alina
5th Pereira, Priscila
6th Weelter, Nina
7th Andert, Olivia
8th Brissette, Rebecca
9th Linck, Daniela
Bikini Over Age 40
1st Brown, Alina (Pro Qualified)
2nd Rosado, Becky
3rd Dombrowski, Michelle
4th Catalan, Gretchen
5th Vaillancourt, Laurie
6th Dufault, Christina
Bikini Over Age 50
1st Vaillancourt, Laurie
2nd Dangelo, Carolyn
3rd Carrol, Lisa
4th Dufault, Christina