OCB Pro General Guidelines

OCB Pro Eligibility

Competitors must meet one of the following conditions in order to be eligible for OCB Pro contests:

  1. Have won a pro-qualifying placement at an OCB amateur show.
  2. Have placed first in their class any organization’s pro show.
  3. Have won a pro-qualifying placement at any organization’s amateur show where there were at least the number of competitors specified below in their division:
    • Men’s Bodybuilding Open: 9
    • Men’s Bodybuilding Age 40+: 5
    • Men’s Physique Open: 9
    • Men’s Physique Age 40+: 5
    • Women’s Physique Open: 5
    • Women’s Physique Age 40+: 5
    • Figure Open: 9
    • Figure Age 40+: 5
    • Bikini Open: 9
    • Bikini Age 40+: 5

Competitors are not required to compete within a certain time frame in order to retain eligibility, but PRO OCB Memberships must be kept active once obtained. If a PRO OCB Membership lapses for a competitor, he/she can only become eligible for OCB Pro events again by requalifying through a future OCB amateur show.

Competitors who qualify as pro for any category are considered as being eligible for all categories of their gender. Competitors may not compete in more than one category at any given OCB Pro show though.

Categories & Divisions

OCB Pro categories offered are: Bikini, Figure, Men’s & Women’s Bodybuilding, and Men’s & Women’s Physique (Men’s Classic Physique is planned for the future). Divisions offered are Open and Masters Age 40+. Check a specific event's details to see which of the categories and divisions are offered at the particular event.