About Us

The mission of OCB is to provide a platform where natural competitors can showcase their physical achievements on a level playing field in a professional environment, and to create unique opportunities for athletes to attract media attention and other means of recognition. 

OCB was founded by Matt Shepley. The founding principles were to promote high quality, drug-free physique competitions, provide opportunities for athletes to gain media exposure, and to offer competitors an avenue to advance to a pro level if desired.

In August 2003 OCB began publishing Physique Competitor Magazine (renamed Fitness & Physique in August 2004) to provide print exposure for all OCB events. In the spring of 2004 OCB contest coverage began appearing in Ms. Fitness Magazine. In April 2005 OCB contest coverage began appearing in Natural Muscle Magazine. In 2007 Fitness & Physique got picked up for national newsstand distribution and began being sold at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Borders, and other retail outlets across the USA. Currently OCB publishes three magazines that are available in digital and print formats: OCB Magazine, the OCB Insider, and OCB Express and produces athlete and show video content on its YouTube channel.

Our Behind-the-Scenes Staff

Matt Shepley

Chad Austin

Sean Sullivan

Marjorie Thrash

Shar Legree Dorrie Smith D.J. Smith Frank Meekins

Matt Shepley

OCB President Matt Shepley first competed in 1999. He got involved in judging and stage photography in 2001. He promoted his first contest in 2002. He founded OCB in 2003. He launched the publication Fitness & Physique in 2003 and published the newsstand magazine for a decade. He completed polygraph training in Arizona in 2012. Matt received a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and worked as a Statistician prior to becoming involved in the natural bodybuilding world.


Chad Austin

OCB Director Chad Austin is a veteran competitor. He qualified as a pro in 2008 and competed in several pro contests thereafter. He helped out behind the scenes in OCB for many years performing such tasks as judge, expeditor, and contest promoter. He was named Vice President of the Organization in 2013. He completed polygraph training in Arizona in 2013 and also does stage photography and video production.


Sean "Sully" Sullivan

OCB Director Sean "Sully" Sullivan has been involved with the sport of bodybuilding since 1979. His passion started when he had a chance encounter with Arnold and was given two tickets to the 1979 Mr. Olympia. From that point on was hooked. Sully started competing in 1981 at age 15. He was the runner-up in the teenage Mr. Cape Cod. Since then Sully has competed in over 150 shows and won national titles in eight different federations including a Mr. America class win and the ANBC Nationals in 2003. He was the OCB Yorton Cup Masters, and Lightweight Open champion in 2005 before moving to the pro ranks. Sully retired from competition in 2007 after placing in the top three in many pro events with several pro federations. He has become a successful coach with over 100 clients winning championships, and he promotes several OCB contests. He and his "Team Sully" promote the OCB Spirit of America, the longest consecutively running OCB show. He has been a contributing author for various magazines and has a successful book, The Peaked Physique, that dispells many bodybuilding myths and has provided a blueprint for many natural athletes. He serves our country as a member of the National Guard and his community as a lieutenant in the Mashpee, MA Police Department.


Marjorie Thrash

OCB Marketing Coordinator Marjorie Thrash earned pro status at the 2015 OCB Body Sculpting Open in Hampton, VA. In 2016, she became OCB�s Marketing Coordinator. She works on developing and implementing plans to provide athletes and brand sponsors with more visibility and opportunity. She also promotes the OCB Colonial Open show in Yorktown, VA. She has a B.Sc. degree in Marketing from Ohio State University and a M.A. degree in Education from Nazareth College. She is also a wife, mother of two, teacher, coach, and fitness instructor.


Shar Legree

OCB Insider Editor-In-Chief Shar began competing after an accident left her 112lbs at 5'8". She called an old trainer to help her start strength training again. After a few weeks of training, she looked for a beauty pageant to accomplish an item on her bucket list. A picture popped up of a professional Bikini competitor in a white bikini suit. Shar thought she had an amazing body, with the pefect amount of symmetry, muscle, and stage presence. Shar found the OCB after doing research online and learning about natural bodybuilding organizations. She stepped on stage for the first time in 2014. She sought to become a bigger part of natural bodybuilding and asked to assist with the OCB Frederick Fitness Classic in 2015. Afterwards she began working at more shows helping with M.C. duties, expediting, setting up, and filling in wherever needed. In late 2015 she was brought onto the OCB team to head up OCB Insider magazine. Shar earned pro status at the 2015 OCB Presidential Cup.

Dorrie Smith

Dorrie Smith is part of OCB's video production team and hosts many of the athlete spotlight interviews for OCB's YouTube channel. She earned pro status in Figure at the 2016 OCB Atlantic Super Show. She won the 2016 Pro Bowl and went on to compete in the 2016 World Championships, all in her first year of competing. Dorrie also promotes the OCB Capital City Classic in Richmond, Virginia. She received a B.Sc degree in Psychology and holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration. Her passion for health and fitness, accompanied by her love for helping others, lead her to become a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

DJ Smith

DJ Smith is part of OCB's video production team, He got into the sport of bodybuilding supporting his wife Dorrie. He and his wife Dorrie promote the OCB Capital City Classic in Richmond, VA. DJ is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of VA, NC, and MD. He holds a B.Sc degree in Civil Engineering, an MBA from Averett University, and a Doctorate in Engineering Management from the George Washington University. DJ head's the video production and OCB YouTube channel which covers some of the shows, athlete spotlight interviews, and the "Road to the Show" series.

Frank Meekins

Frank Meekins covers the social side of competitions for OCB. He started his bodybuilding journey as a U.S. Marine in 2003 to add some muscle. Frank is a competitor, ACE certified personal trainer, coach and owner of Frank�s Fitness. He has served in various roles in the OCB including judge, expeditor, M.C., and promoter and takes pride in knowing the athlete experience at the OCB is second to none. Frank is the promoter of the OCB Catonsville Conquer and the OCB Big Apple Pro/Am. Frank earned his M.S. in Information Technology from Towson University.